About Me

Who is Stephanie Massa?

I am a versatile, passionate, and hard-working web and graphic designer based out of Philadelphia. I enjoy every step of the design process, from concept to fruition. I love being able to help clients grow their brands and achieve their business and aesthetic goals.


In my years in the visual design industry, I have been given the pleasure of working with many exceptional clients. I've compiled memorial tributes of the deceased for a funeral home, and I've designed and built international websites in languages that I do not speak. I'm always up for learning new and different ways of solving visual quandaries.


You may be wondering why I mention that I'm left handed. Design is about solving problems, at least in a visual sense. Being left-handed in a majorly right-handed world has given me the unique skill set to adapt, adjust, and solve right-handed problems my whole life. I bring this unique perspective to each design problem, to better bring clients the distinctive and diverse design solutions that they require.